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What Baptism Do You Bring? - Peter Malakoff

‘There was a time when I slept with ‘high class’ and expensive prostitutes


and I loved their beauty


and the excitement and pleasure that surrounded our occasions together.


But then, after a while


I felt that I could not get enough pleasure


nor give enough to them.


And, for this reason I often felt unsatisfied


and came to ask this question


of myself:

What Baptism do you bring?

Only a saint can lie with these beautiful ladies


For when the bodies limit is come


then what good news


do you have?


When the question of their own gift has come



when their striving is considered



What star can you bequeath them



for a guide?



You talk of the limit of all flesh


But do you live and breathe spirit?



Your books and knowledge are useless


Speak with your body in light



And if you cannot . . .


What baptism do you bring?

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