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Lost Face is the personification of the principle of how reincarnation works. When people die and change and pass into another life and personality, Lost Face is the archetype of that change.

He represents the mechanism and the form that occasions that transformation. By giving your atention to any one of the different masks or personalities that line the inside of his coat, you are transformed.


This transformation occurs by the fundamental principle of the Vedic culture: The principle that you become what you meditate on, that whatever you give your attention to you become.

This is the ancient principle that guides all of life. In the bardos between the worlds, in the time after we die and in the time in which we live, our attention to personality and karmas

is responsible for what we experience in life. To understand this, it is said we must take into account as many factors as there are grains of sand in the universe.


I have personified that undefinable quality and force as Lost Face.

This is a prayer of celebration to this awesome, terrible and wonderful reality . . .

Lost Face - Peter Malakoff

– Music: Hit or Miss by Odetta

Lost Face is tall and thin and wears a hat down over his face-his face is always in shadow and you cannot see it. He wears an ankle length coat which is lined on the inside with faces or masks.

Each mask is a different personality, a different life. He has a dark-but not evil-manner.

He has lost his own face-which is a story within this story and is a seller or purveyor of personalities.


Ise da man wid faces to sell, lining my coat I flashes them to all

Need a special face? Need The special face?

Lost face today? Never had a face? Faceless at last? Take your feelings at face value?


Ya wanna be another
Ya wanna take a ride
Ya wanna talk like Churchill
or ya wanna talk in jive?

Ya wanna be a littl girl, wid curls up in her hair,
jumpin skip rope on da sidewalk, or playin double dare?

Wanna be a ganstga, wid guns a blazin wild,
lyin an a cheatin, an a full of angry guile

Or haps youse is a lover, a croonin out his heart
holdin her so closely like youse never for to part

Whisperin sweet nothins and kissin her sweet lips
feelin her sweet tenderness neath all your fingertips

Haps you wanna be all evil with the devil for your friend
or maybe stead a blessin man with happiness to lend

I ain talkin Dew dads and Knicky knacks I ain talkin thingamagigs or whirls
Ise talkin youse becomin any person in dis whole blame crazy world


So dats dere proximately wats Ise sellin, really, offerin for free
takes any one you wants at all, an sets your livin free

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