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"The soul never thinks without a picture."

- Aristotle

There are many ways to tell a story . . . with words that create a picture or with images, moving and fixed, giving context, awakening understanding and meaning; 

Pictures give shape, form, taste and touch to words.

Let the pictures move, include sound and music, the emotions are magically engaged

and our subtler body dances as if by itself;

for no one can resist music.

Here are moving pictures and slideshow 'stories' (with music), intended to give a taste

of the 'Rasa' that is India,

(as well as a few images and stories from my personal life).

Man stting on cot by small dirt road to a temple in Central India.
When I asked him if I could photograph, he nodded, 'Yes' and looked at me intently.
It is very quiet all around and we both could hear the chicken walking in the yard.


“In religion, India is the only millionaire….

The one land that all men desire to see and having once seen, even by a glimpse,

would not give up that glimpse for all of the shows of all the rest of the globe combined."

- Mark Twain on India, which he visited in 1896.


"Life in India has not yet withdrawn into the capsule of the head.

It is still the whole body that lives.

No wonder the European feels dreamlike:

The complete life of India is something of which he merely dreams.

- Carl Jung, Collected Works

(Jung visited India in 1938)



Courage for the Life Ahead 

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