Introduction to Ayurveda

Give the book below a minute to load . . . 

The flipbook above contains a short movie and slideshow of over 500 slides

that is the basis of my presentation:

Introduction to Ayurveda

a 10-day course on Ayurveda that I have given in the United States and India. 

In the course, each slide is 'unpacked' just like a sutra, 

meant to be commented on by the teacher

and strung together like beads on a string.

Over 7-10 days

I offer a wide-ranging commentary


the fundamental principles, concepts

and practices of the Ayurvedic tradition as well as the

philosophical-scientific basis in

Sankhya-Yoga tradition.


I composed this slideshow-movie-presentation over the past fifteen years

and have used it for Yoga Teacher Training courses in the United States

as well as classes in Ayurveda for the general public in India.


For all of this

I am thankful to my Ayurveda teacher,
Dr. Sunil Joshi

for sharing this ancient Vedic Vidya with me

during my studies at

Kalidas Sanskrit University in Nagpur, India.

My emphasis in Ayurveda is not the vast range of therapies

that have been developed over thousands of years

even though they form an important and valuable part of the Ayurvedic tradition.

My particular focus is on communicating the Vedic Wisdom that has given birth

to so much of what we know today in medicine, surgery, herbs, minerals, yoga asanas, Vastu, Marma, physics, music, architecture, mythology, philosophy and religion.


I seek to share the simple, profound Ayurvedic knowledge

of proper diet and lifestyle, (Ahar and Vihar), that varies for every person, where they live, time of day, season of the year and stage of life; the implementation of which prevents future sickness and corrects present imbalances. 

Ayurveda is a unique and 'different' (from western medicine)

approach to the law of karma

seeking first and foremost to remove cause rather than treat or remove symptoms.


In accord with the Yoga Sutras:

'The Suffering that has not yet come can be avoided'

('Heyam Dukham Anagatam'- Yoga Sutra 2.16)


I focus on creating health and thereby prevent illness

rather than curing someone who is sick.

I have experienced again and again that the vast majority of symptoms 

I come across in westerners

can be and usually are removed or palliated by proper diet and lifestyle.


"The man who believes that 'nature cures 'would not sell

any 'cure' to the patient.

He teaches him the right way of living in the home.

This system would not only cure him of his particular ailment,

but also save him from falling ill in the future.

 Natural healing is thus a way of life, not a course of treatment."

-- Mahatma Gandhi

This accords with the great wisdom of Ayurveda,

rooted in the 'Sanatana Dharma' (Eternal Truths) of the ancient Vedic tradition

and is what I seek to share in this - Introductory course on Ayurveda.

If you are interested in having me present this course,

please contact me:


Peter Malakoff