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Someone stole a check from our company and cashed it.


It was written from a store called the Rainbow Grocery.


The check was for over a thousand dollars.


The whole thing caused some hardship,


but it gave birth to this song.


Such a deal!

The Rainbow Grocery Reggae

Lawof Karma and Rainbow Grocery - Peter Malakoff

Wassup my Brother?

Im gonna lay down a track for you my mon

You know how ders a check dat a crazy man don took

Well I wrote a poem bout it

an put it in my book

Its called

Don't Fuck Wit de Law of Karma

Heres how it goes


Front and back it seems to be

dat check ain't his

an money ain't free


Ders a price for everyting

everybody's got to pay

It must be now or later

if you ever want to play


If you take from others

what ain't rightly yours

it may give you quick advantage

but wont even de scores


You see de Lord is our collector

an He's never denied

A lot of people tempted

a lot of people dey cried


So if you want to be happy and if you want to be free

Never take another's mon's money from de Rainbow Grocery



Don't fuck wit de Law of Karma mon

just don't do it

you know

its like a waste of time

cuz de Law will get you in the end


You remember one time de Gandhi mon

I remember he say:


'God created the Law of Karma

an den He jus' walked away'


He retired mon

What else He need to do?

Take care of everything


All over de world

People know dis truth

What you do unto others

Shall be done unto you


For every ting a man has done

There shall be just reward

I believe its very difficult to judge another

unless you are de Lord


So, I'm tellin' you now


Don't fuck with the Law of Karma

Don't fuck wit it man

You can fuck wit' anything else

but don't fuck wit dat


Its been known for thousands of years

only recently forgot

It will make a big big difference

help everybody out a lot


Dat's why I keep singing

again an again an again


Don't fuck with the Law of Karma

its at the root of all sin


Jus don't mess wit it man

You got to leave it alone

Jus don't touch it


Do righteous actions

dey grow all on their own


No sense in bawlin' mon

a moanin' and a groan'


Put your feet on the righteous path

an walk your way home


Don't fuck with the Law of Karma

Don't try to hurt somebody

Be kind to all beings



Der is no Truth but de one Truth

An dat Truth is de Truth of God

Its really very simple

not at all odd


Don't fuck with the Law of Karma

Its like fuckin' wit God mon

jus don touch it

leave it alone


Everybody be happy

Man woman child in der home

When everybody got de true wealth

den dey wont need no loan


Don't fuck with the Law of Karma


You see I wrote this poem

an I laid down the tracks

Its in the big book now mon

I cain't take it back


You know wen a ting happens to you

or you jus cant find a way?

Don't get reactive to it

jus remember what I say


Don't fuck with the Law of Karma

jus leave it alone mon

Keep your hands off it


Do righteous actions all de time mon

It will take you all the way home


But as for the Law of Karma

Im tellin' ya

Don't touch it

leave it alone


Everybody be happy

Happy as dey can be

Know de Law of Karma will find us all

On land or on de sea

It'll find you everywhere mon


I want dis song to be a blessin

even wit de crazy man

Don't fuck with the Law of Karma

don fuck wit it mon


I wrote this poem now

and Ive laid down the tracks

Now its in de big book mon

it ain't comin' back

Don't fuck with the Law of Karma

Don fuck with it man


Dis is P Biggi mon

signin' off from Jah-maica

I gone a foreign

All is Irieites


I an I

All praise to de Irator



I com here for to drink milk

Na' to count de cow

So don't fuck with the Law of Karma


Jus' leave it alone

Don't fuck wit it mon



Blessin's on all beings

May all beings be happy


All praise to de Irator

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