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In Danish writer Peter Freuchen’s,  Book of the Eskimo, Freuchen tells how one day,after coming home hungry from an unsuccessful walrus-hunting expedition,

he found one of the successful hunters dropping off several hundred pounds of meat.

He thanked him profusely.

The man objected indignantly:

“Up in our country we are human!” said the hunter. “And since we are human we help each other.

We don’t like to hear anybody say 'thanks' for that.

What I get today you may get tomorrow.

Up here we say that by gifts one makes slaves and by whips one makes dogs.”


Told by: Graeber, David. Debt: The First 5,000 Years 


We are slaves of each other


slaves of the beauty we see


prisoners of the pleasure we feel



Like two ships drifting on an endless sea


we bumped into each other


while we were sleeping



I have no idea who you are


I have no idea of who I am




What can one pray for in this situation ?


That it go on forever?


That would not be trusting at all


That we be always happy?


            Who knows what feelings must enter into this play?



We are not in charge


We did not create this moment


We cannot create the future


Not certainly, absolutely, finally



We are slaves of another


living in  a universe without end


in a place we cannot fathom



Our hearts are heavy


with feelings of awesome subjection



We weep in our happiness


We cry in our joy


We sing and make up poetry


We dance and make love



I look at you and have faith


in God and Ignorance


Love shines in your eyes  and fills my heart


I love you


I am a slave of love


I pray for this

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