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       Ayurveda and Aging

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This slideshow-flipbook was originally presented as the basis of a talk on: 

Ayurveda and Aging,

in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India in the winter of 2017.

Shiryate Iti Shariram

“The body is constantly going through 
the process of decay”

The Universe resides in the body of Time or Kala and moves in a clockwise manner. Kala is the most important of qualities and utterly unavoidable. Kala is responsible for Aging and Old Age is considered by Ayurveda to be a disease born of Kala or Time.

Buddha said: “Suffering is inevitable.” He also said that “All suffering is not necessary.” The ‘disease’ of Aging is inevitable but it may be manifested in a timely or untimely, comfortable or uncomfortable, disease-free or disease-filled manner.

Herein lies the Ayurvedic approach to Aging . . . it is the 'Veda' or science of 'Ayu' or Life. It does not prevent death but prolongs life and health, offering useful insight and wisdom for how to live our elder years (from 50-60 on) in the best possible way.


That is the subject of this short book illustrated with slides and stories from the Indo-Tibetan-Buddhist Tradition.

If you are interested in a presentation on this topic

Please contact me:

Peter Malakoff

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