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Mahabharata: the Play

Srinivasa School, Tiruvannamalai,

Tamil Nadu


   Below, is a movie-presentation of the MAHABHARATA- staged as a Play by young Indian students. It was dramatized on an outdoor stage on August 26, 2011 by High School Students in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.


   I was asked to be involved because of my decades-long study and knowledge of the Mahabharata. I considered and coached the students in the subtler, interconnecting aspects, issues, dilemmas and paradoxes of this vast story. We explored the different characters, together and focused on the particular struggles and interrelationships of they faced. It was particularly fascinating to see how effortlessly the students took to the story as if they had been born to it . . . and they had.


   It was thrilling to see the ancient Purana-Itihasa brought to life, outside, filling a warm South Indian evening, on a small stage, with local artists creating the wonderful costumes and live music. The Play was performed on a stage in front of hundreds of appreciative parents and people, nearly all of whom knew the story. The pictures are full of color and beauty. The story is ancient and full of meaning. It helped me to appreciate again, the saying: 'If it isn’t in the Mahabharata, it isn’t.’ 


Music: Hey Krishna Gopala Hari, by Jagjjit Singh 


Photographs: Govinda Raj

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