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For Merv Lane, my exquisite teacher who introduced me to Buckminster Fuller


and how necessary it is to make mistakes; it is Merv who first told me this story and used it as a teaching tool


Music: Raga Gorakh Kalyan by Shivkumar Sharma


It is an old Sufi story about how to do things the right way . . .

Going to Town - Peter Malakoff

One day . . .


Dovrogheen and his young son went to town with their donkey

Dovrogheen rode, while the son walked


Soon two men approached, and one of them said

"Old man, it is shameful that you ride while your young son walks"



after they passed

Dovrogheen got off the donkey, and lifted his son onto it

and they proceeded

Dovrogheen walking


Soon, two women approached


when they were within hearing distance one of them said

"It is disrespectful my boy, to ride on that donkey while your aged father walks "



After they passed, Dovrogheen got back on the donkey


They were both now riding


In a while, a man and his wife came up to them and said

"What a cruel thing you do, my friends, both riding that poor donkey

Do you want to break his back?"


and so

Dovrogheen got off the donkey, lifted his son down

and they proceeded along the road to town

all three walking


       Just as they came to the outskirts of the town

a group of young students on some steps

looking across the road, began to laugh

"Look at this, my friends, here's a lesson for you

two dunces have a donkey to ride

but instead

they are going walking

How foolish can you get?"

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