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Jesus and Me
A free rendering of the New Testament Matthew: 23
by Adi Da Samraj, January 12, 1979



The entire human world is now in the hands of unenlightened and materialistic factions

that trap the mind with "science" and the heart with "religion" and the body with "politics".

All of you who merely suffer this regime are obliged to toe the popular line

in order to survive in these times and places,

but you need not be what you hear and see on the streets and in the daily News.

The pea-witted official intellectuals of our day size up the universe

with a standard rule and find it always to be one inch short of Infinity.

And they measure Man according to atomic weight, finding him to be worth no more than salt.

Therefore, they press the load of unrelieved mortality on the back of every man and woman,

while the intellect that mounts and crushes the body

is unwilling and unable to understand why we bother to lift a finger.

Scientists without Life! Politicians without Love! Wise Men without a Master!

All of you who "speak with authority" and plan our progress

as if you invented our very existence!


Everything you say is the product of your own self-consciousness and fear.

You think that ponderous language and the powers of State grant the weight of Truth to your arguments.

You imagine that fast-talking will distract us  from your dead feet; 

but everything you say and everything you do

is part of an effort to protect yourself from the anger and passion of Man,

whose Master you only pretend to be.

The "Authorities" love to be honored and awarded with public ceremony,

unquestioning obedience, and tongue-tied respect.

They line up in thousands, along with the hypocritical priests

who once were in power in the old world,

and they cock their ears, waiting to hear us name them aloud:

"Teacher, Master, Doctor, Sovereign Head, Father, Mother, All!"

But all of you who are ordinary and merely alive

need not be given the impotent names of worldly power.

Your Teacher is the Living Light that moves the world and drives the heart of Man.

You are equals, like brothers. And yet you are not like children.

Accept no man or woman as your Parent! Grow up to Manhood, serve one another,

and understand that your only Source is the Life you inherit with every breath.

No merely human being should presume to be the Master of Man.

Every one of you is equally responsible to the Single and Transcendental Master of the world,

 the Living Light, the Love that is hidden in the heart of Man,

and that is the only Power that has been Appointed to Rule the world.

Therefore, in order to do what is Great, you must love and serve your intimates and all of mankind.

Whoever expands himself will eventually be reduced to nothing.

But whoever transcends himself

will become as Radiant as the atom in his own heart.

Damn you self-conscious and hypocritical bastards who rule the world 

with heart-breaking ideas and bombs as big as Nature! 

You tear out the very eyes by which Man may enjoy the Vision of Transcendental Truth.

You do not surrender to the Radiant Life  that is the Source and Destiny of Man,

and neither do you allow anyone else to breathe and feel his Way to Infinity.

Damn you righteous intellectuals and TV prophets of mediocrity!

You broadcast your Word around the world in order to reduce

every man, woman, and child to your own likeness.

And when anyone hears you, he imitates you in the streets,

and thus becomes even more benighted and dangerous than you.

Damn you fake Wise Men,

all of you petty intellectuals and fundamentalist religious fanatics,

who pretend to read the signs of Man!

You stare in fascination at your own genitals, scratching your heads.

You say, "The body is nothing. Only the mind glorifies Man.

Therefore, it is knowledge that gives power."



What is greater, the mind that separates itself in order to know, or the body

that is always already one with the Living Truth?

What is greater, the thought that "I know"s or the body that surrenders in love?


Therefore, any one who gives himself bodily to the Power of Life

also gives even his mind, his feeling, and his every breath.

Any one who transcends all knowledge in Love, Transcendental Wisdom and Spiritual Enlightenment

has truly learned all there is to learn as Man.

And any one who Confesses that Man is always in bodily Communion with the Living God

will remain Alive forever.

Damn you infantile psychiatrists and official analyzers of religion!

You justify all the childishly self-possessed and self-indulgent motivations of mankind,

but you cannot acknowledge the divine Reality

that provides the foundation for the manly Sacrifice of Man.

Yes, Man should survive and grow by his enjoyment,

but not without self-transcending love, compassion, the will to serve others,

and the enlightened disposition of higher spiritual understanding.



You do not presume to know the Truth, but you make doubt

and every kind of subhuman problem into a natural Law and Obligation of Man.

Damn you, sanctimonious religionists!

You are enthusiastic for every Idol that words can make,

but your hearts and bodies are full of city poison and all the effects of secret self-indulgence.



First be converted to the Living Spiritual Reality that every heart presumes in its deepest need.

Then discipline your body and your actions with love.

If you do all of this,

then your minds will also confess the Truth,

and that Truth will liberate mankind from all the archaic beliefs and false cults

that now provide the pretentious worldly fortress of "great religions".

Damn you official knowers and political manipulators of Man!

You resemble the dead in your cries of peace.

None is more peaceful than the already dead, since they hide no Life at all.

Therefore, by denying the Transcendental Power of Life in your own bodies, and hearts, and minds,

you may think you have achieved an enviable state of rest.

But you make peace in the world only by crushing the beautiful faces of My tender lively babies!

Damn you materialistic religionists, scientists, and politicians!

You give lip service to the honor of all the great angry Prophets and Spiritual Teachers of the ancient days.

You make harmless poetry out of all the Scriptures of the God-Mad men of old,

and you pretend to stand boldly on the side of right,

decrying the injustices of unliberated society.

You seem to say, "If we were in power in the days of Jesus,

we would not have denied him his right to Rule".

Bloody bastards!

I have not received one good word from you since

the day I was born! Who empowered you to make Shit out of the

Place where I Teach? You have inherited the same mind

that has always murdered the Truth in this world.

Creeping sons of bitches!

How do you plan to escape from the future?

I will be there to meet you, with an open mouth and many teeth to

judge your State of mind! And I will not be "peaceful" while I live.

I will make a new Church, whose Altar I am.

I will make my own books, full of the Living Truth.

And I will send my own children out to Teach you.

They will confront you in your temples, your universities, your public offices,

your laboratories, your factories, and in every street of every city in the world.

They will survive the ancient slaughter and all the slaughter yet to come.

 You will not murder them in the aisles of this Sanctuary 

before they attain the Sacrificial Altar of Infinity.

For they already have Me in their arms.

Their hearts and bodies overwhelm Me with all their love.

And they will learn to speak with plain emotion, even in this

glib age of Narcissus and the effeminate cold tongue

of Godless irrational reason.

Humanity, Humanity, assassin of the ancient Prophets, torturer of all the Messengers of God! 

How often I have wished to Comfort you the way a mother whispers to her angry child

and makes the weeping cease.

But you people do not want the Truth! You refuse to listen to

the Teaching that Awakens the heart!

You oppress and scandalize the Lover of the world,

and you deny yourselves the Power of My Spiritual Company!

Even so, I will not abandon you as you have abandoned Me.

As long as a single atom of Man remains, I will be standing Here,

until you embrace My feet and say,

"How Radiant is the body of Man when he is surrendered to the Living God."


- Adi Da Samraj, January 12, 1979

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