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Big Doggy and the Wabo - Peter Malakoff


Big Doggy an da Wabo was a goin' down da road
When de Doggy said to Wabo
Wha's a life without a load?


A load of wat you speakin'
said da Wabo in a jiff
For a load of anyting at all ain' got no 'what' nor 'if'


Naw, a load of love I'se talkin'
an a someone to care for
an a someone whos' done have a load in which
I'se bee's dere livin's for


We be servants of each other
an a livin's as da gifts
an a givin's to each others too
Das what be and what be if's


Now dat not be de whole ting here
Dat you be haulin' down de road
D'ere be others out there also
you'se got's to put in dat dere load


In fact den when I'se thinks about's it
an considers it for's a while
My eyes dey starts a buggin' out an
my lips don bust a smile


It seems to be de whole dang world
de load we shufflin up
Dat be for sure de' only ting
Dat could really fill my cup


Now de wabo he start a shufflin
an a wigglin' both his ears
an he thinks bout dat sermon Doggy's preachin'
an den bout's what all dat he does fear


So he sez out to Big Doggy
Now hold on here for a while
Cut your eyes from all dat buggin' and
gives a rest to dat dere smile


Now when we be considerin'
dat load youz' haulin' round
is dat de same for dose who like you
and for dose dat put's you down


I mean dere be plenty critters dat I know
Dat likes to lay out in the grass
but der be plenty more I also know
dat's like to chew upon your ass


So how's you be a figurin' now
Surely splain's yourself to me
For I cannot see no reason here
dats gwine to bend my knee

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