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The Man Who Created
the Taj Mahal

Who designed the Taj Mahal?'


It is a question still debated to this day. This is a story from the oral tradition of India regarding 'Who did it?  Filled with subtle and intriguing drama, it explores the qualities of heart and mind that gave birth to one of the most beautiful buildings on earth, the Taj Mahal.

Weaving a story within another story, it begins with an extraordinary man who could craft a woman's complete form in stone from seeing only her hands. Presented before Shah Jehan, he boldy claimed to be able to perform this feat of intuition and skill, offering his life as payment if he could not repeat it with any woman in the Shah's court. "Let me be killed if I cannot produce the image of any woman in stone, even if I have only seen her hands." Thus begins the story of the man who created the Taj Mahal.

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