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This is a wonderful word:
'Consideration' is made of two roots, words or ideas. They are:
'Con' meaning -with, and 'sidera' from 'sidereal' meaning -the stars.

Imagine this:

In ancient times, a person would go out under the stars at night.
He would walk out onto a sand dune in Egypt or a mountaintop in Tibet or a boat on the ocean and simply be with the stars- considere
As he did that night after night, moon after moon, year after year, perhaps, one evening he might say to his companion,
"Hey, have you seen that star there", pointing at the North Star. "That star does not seem to move, but all the other stars are circling around it".
He was not looking for the North Star. He was not looking for a star that did not move.
He was just considere- being with the stars.

He had discovered the North Star. Not by looking for it, but by consideration.
Consideration is the basis of a unique form of knowledge called revelation.
It is attained not just by looking and analyzing a thing or object, but also, by being with it, with a vast, steady and sublimed attention.
When this is done, the Indian tradition held the knowledge gained to be revelatory.

In the Yoga tradition, it is a process called 'samyama.’
The unique aspect of samyama, as defined in the Yoga sutras, is that 'being with' the object of attention

is done to the point of non-difference or 'oneness' with it.
Only at this point, does it become revelatory.

Samyama is a combination of the last three angas or limbs of the Ashtanga (eight limbed) Yoga system- dharana, dhyana and samadhi.
Dharana is compared to fixing the mind on a particular object.
Dhyana is compared to the flow of that fixed or steady attention on that object like oil being poured from one container to another

Samadhi is when there is no difference between the object, the subject and the process of attention.
When these three are practiced together on a specific object, then ‘siddhis,’ special knowledge and/or powers arise.
This was the basis for ancient Indian 'science.' How effective was it? This tradition that knew the speed of light as well as the distance to the moon
thousands of years ago
When I suggest that my stories are a 'consideration' of life
This is the 'star' what I am pointing and aspiring to

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