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An Ayurvedic Consideration

Looking at ghee from an Ayurvedic perspective:

When I attended college in Ayurveda at Kalidas Sanskrit University in Nagpur in 2004, it was part of a two year course in Ayurveda. We spent nearly a week going over the topic of ghee. It was a food, a medicine and a highly esteemed article used in many religious ceremonies for thousands of years. Poisoners in ancient India would prepare their toxins in a medium of ghee so that it would go deeply into the body of their victim and harm them. Ayurvedic practitioners prepared their herbal subtances in a medium of ghee to allow the healing qualities of their herbs to penetrate deeply into the tissues of the body. These were but a few of the amazing and wonderful qualities of ghee.

Obviously, ghee was a very important subject. I was particularly attracted to ghee because of its special benefits for a person of the Pitta or fire type dosha or elemental make-up.  One of the main things about ghee is that it increases the Agni or fire of digestion without increasing Pitta. This is a  rare combination as usually, anything that increases the Agni also increases the Pitta. Since having low agni is usually part of any sickness and being able to increase agni usually a very good thing and being a Pitta-type myself, I was extremely interested to learn about all the benefits of ghee.

I was unimpressed with the ghee I tasted in India. Yet, the ancient texts were filled with superlatives when speaking of ghee. Because of this, when I returned to the United States, I tried to make my own ghee using the butter of my local, Straus Organic Dairy and Creamery. Their butter was truly extraordinary. Their cows were pastured on green grass, they batch churned their butter, their butter had the highest butterfat content of any butter in the United States and it had won the Gold medal award at the International Dairy Competition in 2009. My friends loved the ghee I made and encouraged me to make even more. It was far better than anything I had ever tasted in India or the US. This is what led to my founding Ancient Organics Ghee, now the number one rated Ghee company (for quality) in the United States.  

We make our ghee only on the full or waxing moon and use the Mahamrtunjaya Mantra, the ancient healing mantra of India to refine the vibrational qualities of our ghee. 

Several years ago I was asked by Light on Ayurveda magazine to write an article for their magazine on Ghee. I did so and that became this article.

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