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A Bed of Deeper Pleasure

This was a letter/ poem written to a beautiful young black girl

who worked for an advertising company.
We had met at a trade show and I had given her my card.
She called me before the end of the day and asked me to go out with her that evening.

I agreed.
We went to dinner and had a wonderful meal and conversation.

She was from Los Angeles and just beginning to adventure in the world.
After dinner, we walked along the San Francisco Bay and she invited me to her room.
I passed.

It was strange, even to me, that I did so.
It wasn't that I did not want her,

it was that I wanted more than this occasion could offer.
I wanted a deeper bed of pleasure.

Bed of Deeper Pleasure - Peter Malakoff
Music: Wednesday Night by David Dykstra

To feel you feeling me when you first called

out of the blue of infinite possibilities

Was a feeling I enjoyed


Like finding a treasure on a beach where I had been walking

A voice from a face from a being

I remember first

for your noble forehead

sweet demeanor, lovely smile and young, beautiful, shapely body


I first sought to help and serve you

without any other motive

But, wonder of life as it always is, you called me

before the day was done

asking if I would like to go out with you that very evening


Full of adventure you were

and wonderful daring to do such a thing

and I was very glad that you did


Like a present under the tree at Christmas

Your invitation so full of promise


And it is true


I felt how much I would like to unwrap your gift of God's giving

and admire it all undone and free of coverings

But like any gift of substance

to fully take it in

to drink with complete appreciation

takes time




although I wondered how it would be

when you felt me feeling you

as we lay down on a bed of body's ease

and I looked and gazed and sweetly stroked your body

your breasts all 'yes' with desirous delight

your lips all soft and moist with yearning

your eyes sparkling like stars

in the sky of your face


And we drove across a bridge of wonders

Looking back on a city of lights


dancing in the pleasure of each others company

giving and receiving

a man and a woman

a black and a white

old and young

we moved together

and reveled in our differences


We ate and talked and I loved to see you laugh

when you let go your fine feminine mummery of reserve

trying to appear all grown up

I loved your youth and naivete


I would love to have seen you

when I held you down

grasping your wrists above your head

and firmly explore what lay beyond all your holding back

as we both yielded to what is greater


but to go to this far land

takes time

for no great gift is given or can be taken or appreciated in a hurry

all things take time and patience to enjoy to their fullest


And so, until then

I will wait upon the Grace of God

as I have always done


as we all do and must


when time may lay out for us

like a long beach on an afternoon of possibility

a night of splendor

and a shared bed of deeper pleasure

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