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Gravity's Easy Way - Peter Malakoff

Music by David Dykstra

Gravity's Easy Way

How long

did planners, diggers, dirt haulers,


food makers and water carriers

all labor

with vision, hope and ideals

to build the proud castle wall?


But look

now, it has fallen

Just as all things without foundation 

They collapse and come apart in ceaseless change


since all things are without foundation


everything falls apart in slow or sudden collapse


let us not forget all the work we did

it gives us meaning



takes its easy way

How many days and nights

of dinners and jobs

houses and cars

parents children

wives and husbands

friends and teachers

have we shared our life with?


Workin' and lovin'

cryin' and laughin'

arguin' and celebratin'

prayin' and forgivin'


Now look

we are all passing

just as all things must

slowly or suddenly

everything just drifts away


But let us not forget

all the love we shared

it fills our feeling hearts

as gravity takes its easy way


Lord you have laid down your blessin'

We're all fallin'


We're all fallin'


Grace is jus chillin'


The winds of grace are always blowin'

just put up your sails

We're Thankful

Thank you God

Thank you

Thank you

 Thank you

 Thank you

 Thank you

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