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Mango Butt and Veda Head - Peter Malakoff

You know, its the age old story of Veda head, the Vedic yogi/scholar who falls in love with Mango, a beautiful Apsara, Divine dancing girl of the Gandharvas. He abandons his sadhana and study to enjoy her company and before you know it, wakes up under the Mango Tree full of praise and humor.


(Background picture is of the Coco de Mer,

a naturally occurring coconut from the Sechyelle Islands)  

These coconuts used to wash up on the shores of India

be found by sadhus

and perhaps, inspire songs such as these

Allright now!


a serious riff of praise and a shout out to all dose butts and heads


ise calls it


You see


Mango was lovely had dose coconut thighs


Dey shimmered and de glimmered in ol' Veda Heads eyes



He lov' de fruit of de Mango, de taste of her lip



de smell of her body, de feel of her hip



Dose breasts on dat Mango dey so fresh an so clear


Dat Veda he know dat de Mango sincere



Her skin was all softly with sweetness inlaid


Dat Veda his vows for de priesthood no made



Dat Mango her body, she move it so nice


Dat polar turn tropic an fire be ice



When Mango her mind on a topic she put


Den de Veda jump joyful can stand on no foot



For de Butt of de Mango made point dat so clear


Dat de Veda he dun loss all feelins of fear



Her touch made him putty, her hands drank him wine


Da Veda fel silly wen on Mango he dine



He jus laised der an praisd' her wit heart leapin' free


Fel like livin forever neath dat big Mango tree









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