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"It is not Utopia"


This website was created to offer stories and ideas

about Reality, 'What Is'

or what has also been called in the Vedic Tradition -

'Vidya' or knowledge. 


Since ancient times, mankind has sought for 'knowledge,' 
but all 'knowledge' is not the same. 


My teacher, Adi Da,

spoke of a very important type of  'knowledge' . . .

the type of knowledge I always sought to have and wish to share,

He said,


"I find people’s losses and sorrows to be heartbreaking and terrible, 
an immense burden. 
And, I am inevitably sympathetic and bless people in their trouble. 
However, you must understand; That is the nature of this place. 
It is not utopia. It is not paradise. 
It is a place of death, of endings, of suffering. 
Brief amusements. 
It is not enough.


One day, it will be your death. 
All will pass. Everything will pass. 
Everything will be lost. Everything will change. 
Every conceivable separation will occur. 

You must know the place you are in 
and live according to that knowledge."


- Adi Da


May all beings live

in accordance with such knowledge!



Thus I have heard

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