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If you plant a Mango seed in Alaska, it will not grow

If you take a Northern Spruce

and plant in in the Amazon rainforest

it will not grow either

There is the factor of the SEED

but there is also the 

SOIL or environment

Both are factors

Both are necessary for life


The positive intention and biological drive of a Mango

simply will not live in Alaska

The positive intention and biological drive of an Alaskan Spruce

simply will not live in the Amazon


Just so

the positive intention thoughts and visualizations

of an individual

are not necessarily sufficient to change

the outcome of even the best planned or executed enterprise


It is not that we mustn't try our very best

it is only that trying our very best

we still may fail

We are at the mercy of so much


There are terrible, huge and mighty forces at work in the universe

a universe filled with endless billions of other beings

uncountable billions of galaxies

a universe without

any end

at all

How can we possibly

have our way in all of it?


we are like fish in the deep sea

unaware of the great drag nets of other forces and intentions

which even now

are sweeping through our small world



we do not have a fate


as the ancients in all cultures saw it

the fates have us





















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