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What it is I am Practicing For - Peter Malakoff

What it is I am Practicing For

Inspired by a tale of Mullah Nasruddin

Again and again

I have gone back down this same alley

Looking for a watch

that I lost in some other part of the city


It is so bright under the streetlamp here

Everything is clear and distinct

It must be a good place to search



Time goes by

I become so engrossed in my looking


that I only dimly remember


what I originally lost  

It feels as if

I have spent my whole life here




I realize how stupid it is

to be searching this alley

under this light

When I left that watch someplace else




I have committed a complete

waste of my life



it would of been better

to have died



And then

I remember

it took me a long time to learn guitar

Much practice and more practice

Always making errors

Until one day

I played effortlessly and expanded my life and love


in music and song



And Then I know

I should not regret my searching

It is like practicing

Its just that now

I do not know

What it is

I am practicing for

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