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Now That You Have Left

Now That You Have Left - Peter Malakoff

I did not know in my eager heat for you

that there was pain in every touch

Not like some kind of moral levy

that would be laid upon my head



But in the body of Being was a Truth

wonderful as a child's fascination

for a glittering object


Terrible as the somber gathering by a fresh grave

gathering at grave.jpg

And now that you have left

I see all my touches were gathered

My shining instants assembled

And on a burning plate comes back to me

The full course of my desire . . .

Desire and the Impulse to Realization

- Adi Da Samraj


“If the impulse to Realization is full, it dominates our existence.


Even in that case, we may have all sorts of habits we indulge.


At the same time, however, we are capable of seeing the whole picture of life.


We are able totally to feel the conditions of existence as they arise.


Thus, even in the moment of fulfilling some desire,


we do not merely have the emotion of pleasure


and the pleasure associated with fulfilling that desire.


Rather, we have a much larger intention that acknowledges

the total picture of existence,


thus, in the same moment that we are mechanically fulfilling an impulse,


we feel sorrow in association with the objects of desire,


an acknowledgment of brevity and of the fact of things passing,


the fact of death.


The impulse to Realization is profound when we have this more total emotion.


It is a greater emotion than the superficial one


that is commonly associated with the fulfillment of desire.


Therefore, even the fulfillment of desires does not satisfy


the thirst, the hunger, the craving


for ultimate Realization, Peace, Freedom and Happiness.”



 - Adida Samraj






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