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Introduction to Ayurveda

This movie-slideshow forms the theme of an Introductory presentation on Ayurveda containing over 500 slides.

The slides are like sutras (threads), meant to be commented on and expanded by a teacher

and I have used them when I present: 

Introduction to Ayurveda, a 10-day course on Ayurveda that I have taught in the United States and India.

In the course, each slide is 'unpacked' and commented on, and just like a 'sutra,' all strung together like beads on a string.

I offer a wide-ranging commentary during a 7-10 day training
considering many of the fundamental principles, concepts
and practices of the Ayurvedic tradition and the Sankhya-Yoga tradition on which it is based.

 I put this slideshow-movie-presentation together over the past fifteen years and have used it for Yoga Teacher Training courses in the United States as well as Introductory classes on Ayurveda for the general public in India.

 I am thankful to my Ayurveda teacher, Dr. Sunil Joshi, for sharing this great Vidya (Wisdom tradition) with me in the United States and at Kalidas Sanskrit University in Nagpur, India, from which I graduated in 2004.



Give the Slideshow Movie below a minute to load​

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