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Guru Purnima 7/18/89

The Philosopher and the Prostitute

They fit each other these two
This studied man and young girl of many kisses


He has thought too much and still desires
he needs a place to rest
To know the small things
The things in which feeling dwells again


She has felt many hands upon her small places
She needs to see beyond their grasping touch
Beyond those desirous of her
And find the great world
of her own desire


He wanted to look at her
He needed someone who could feel his desires and simply understand


Her body was perfect audience
Perfect listening
A gracious vessel of containment


And she found in him
an unspoken wisdom
Which lay all sleeping in her


He gave her body speech
Wings brushed her small places
And she journeyed


He rested
To his mind she gave touch and ground


It was her own body
that spoke to her in his words


It was his own soul
that appeared to him in her form


and all her softness
and all his piercing light


They spent an eternity together
In the perfect fullness
Of a moments time

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