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"A ritual is the enactment of a myth. By participating in a ritual you are participating in a myth."


– Joseph Campbell

All Acts Of Pleasure Are My Rituals


Let my worship be within the heart that rejoiceth, for behold: all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals.

And therefore let there be beauty and strength,

power and compassion, honour and humility, mirth and reverence within you.

—  Doreen Valiente, Charge of the Goddess

To my left, immediately beside me, two men engaged in an intense lovemaking. One was laid back against the couch, with his lower body sprawled forward while his companion kissed and sucked his erect penis, at the same time pinching his nipples with both hands. He was groaning in pleasure. It was an energetic and hard form of lovemaking particularly male, beautiful and obviously distinct from the couples involving women. All around us were people engaged in various acts of sensuality.

There was a woman tied up, her wrists had been put into leather restraints and were tied above her head with rope, fastened to an eyehook in the ceiling. Her ankles had been similarly fastened into leather cuffs with fur lining and the dominatrix/ of this women had taken a stiff rod that she hooked into her slave's ankle restraints, keeping her legs open and spread. It was all done slowly with great care and attention, like a ritual of love. There was a very palpable sense of tenderness between the mistress and her slave. I remember very well the look of the slave girls face. It was an intoxicated state, not of drugs or alcohol but of a person completely and totally at effect.


I remember that the slave girl neither smiled nor laughed. This was a part of their ceremony that I did not understand. It was all done with great solemnity and gravity. I could only relate to it as a religious ritual. After the slave girl had been bound, the dominatrix blindfolded her and very sweetly began to caress the slaves body with a whip. As she touched her slave’s nipples I could see the arc of pleasure as the bound girls body leaned into the sensation. The dominatrix was dressed in a black leather bustier, elegant and simple. With black hair and bright red lipstick she was an archetypal vision. There was a complete occupation with her ministrations. Both of them could have been doing this in private. It was a play of the immaculate assumption of roles. After a while the mistress stepped back and paused and then lightly whipped the bound blindfolded girl and then quickly she whipped her again powerfully, the smack of the leather on flesh striking the attention of all who were there.


There was a very handsome man bent over a sofa being screwed up the ass by a bevy of happy women all gathered around and laughing, dressed in lingerie with dildos strapped to their pubic regions. He had come in with his girlfriend, a beautiful sweet girl next door type, walked over to the sofa, lain on his back, she immediately straddled him and he began sucking the dildo she had strapped to her. It immediately became a center of observation for all in attendance and people walked over to watch. The mood was serene and fun. One woman, a tall well built lady of exuberant energy, walked to the other side of the couch and had him suck her dildo while she laughed and moved her body to the music playing. The women took turns screwing him and many of them really fucked him with an energy and enthusiasm bordering on the wild. I thought of the Greek story where the women tear apart the king who as a result of a curse of the God-Dionysius, had wondered into their midst during their wild forest orgy.


In front of me, on another sofa, were four men side by side; two on the sofa reclining while two other men ground their dicks on the legs and dicks of the men they were with. It was hard and forceful, distinctly male and I was impressed with how long they kept up their frenzied fucking. Two women had come in, one of which I was immediately attracted to. It was apparent from the beginning that she was in a lesbian relationship. She glanced at me several times, smiling, and I at her. At one point a woman lay down on the floor to exhibit to all her pleasuring herself with a vibrator, I took it as an opportune moment to go sit beside the lesbian lady. I did so and she asked me,"Did you come over to get a better view?" "Yes", I replied, "And to sit beside you. You have a beautiful face."

"Thank you very much.” she replied, looking me directly in the eyes and smiling. So began a sweet exchange of energy and conversation while the woman in front of us groaned to her self-given pleasure. As we talked, she told me how she had come to this occasion only after great deliberation with her girlfriend and they had promised not to even go to the bathroom without each other. It was an interesting view of her psyche, both bold and timid. As we talked I was repeatedly impressed with how natural the whole situation could be. I felt completely relaxed and at ease, except for the feeling of separateness which I observed in myself. Perhaps this is how the western modus operandi of science (based on the separation of subject and object) came about! Someone couldn't quite get into it at the orgy!


There was a beautiful black girl dressed in black fishnet stockings and a black halter-top. She had a slender figure and a remarkably beautiful ass. She wandered around the room until she found a man sitting by himself masturbating with a huge hard-on. She sexily eyed him and wetting her fingers, bent over in front of him and fingered her pussy, showing him the vision of her lovely ass. Then she sat on a sofa next to him and putting one leg up and facing him obliquely fingered herself with her head thrown back in real or imitated ecstasy.


There was a tall man-woman, a hermaphrodite with breasts and a penis. She/he came in with a lovely young female lover. They observed the scene for a while fondling each other and then proceeded to lie down in the middle of the room and begin to make love. The hermaphrodite’s lover sucked his/her penis while at the same time sliding a dildo in and out of his/her ass. I was reminded of the God Hermaphroditus, the child of Hermes and Aphrodite. (The story tells of him as a wild and savage youth whose chief pleasure was to hunt in the wooded mountains. One day in Caria he arrived at the waters of a limpid lake whose freshness tempted him to bathe. The nymph Salmacis who ruled the lake saw him and was enamored of his beauty. She told him so, and in vain the shy youth attempted to repulse her. Salmacis threw her arms around him and covered him with kisses. He continued to resist and the nymph cried out: "Cruel you! You struggle in vain. O Ye Gods! Grant that nothing may ever separate him from me or me from him!" Immediately their two bodies were united and became as one. "In their double form they are neither man nor woman;

they seem to have no sex yet to be of both sexes.')

– Encyclopedia of Mythology, Larousse pg. 132


There were several women who were making love with several men on the floor in front and all around me. It was wonderful and beautiful to observe their play and hear the moans and gasps of pleasure. How rarely we get to see others making love. For me, it was the first time I had ever observed lovemaking so closely . . . It seemed a completely natural and enjoyable thing.

I remember when I went to France with my close friend Anthony. I was to be the best man at his wedding there. He wanted to have his bachelor night out in Paris in the Red Light district. After walking around the Pigalle, the red light district at the base of Montmartre and asking several prostitutes where the most extraordinary sex- show was, we found a place touted as the best! It cost $100.00 each for the show! After being greeted in the beaux-arts salon and offered champagne we were shown into a small 20 seat theatre, where the sex-play was to be performed on stage. There were five or six well dressed men and one couple in the theatre. It was elegantly furnished with plush velour seats and and a small, elevated stage. The play began with music and the actors and actresses were enjoyable to watch having very beautiful bodies. One woman in particular was gorgeous and while I do not remember any of the plot, I do remember the sex play and intercourse of the actors, particularly when they came out on the netting stung out above our heads and made love directly above Anthony and I. Anthony and I were verbally appreciative of the display, praising and calling out our enthusiasm and the actors loved it. It was absolutely exquisite to have a beautiful woman making love two feet over our heads with a handsome man. After the show there was a small champagne reception with the cast and audience held in the salon. There was a surprising naturalness about that occasion which I felt even more intimately in this room tonight.



Tonight was a pagan party. It is dedicated to the Goddess Aphrodite, the Goddess of pleasure, the Goddess of whom it was said that "all acts of pleasure are my rituals".

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