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Courage for the Life Ahead

A Thousand and One Arabian Nights

Many have heard about or read the 'Thousand and One Arabian Nights.' 

This  account relates the frame story, the 'why and  how' those stories were told,  which is a beautiful tale in itself.

It is the story of a sultan in Arabia, who was betrayed and wounded by the deceit of his favorite concubine. Hurt, full of anger and capable of revenge, the sultan killed his concubine and the man she slept with, and then went on to choose, make love with and then kill every slave girl

he had sex with,  one after another. 

One night, he chose Scheherazade, one of his many concubines. 

She found a way to save her life and the life of her friends by telling a fable

that went on for a

Thousand and One Arabian Nights; this is her story . . .

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