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The very first memory I have


is when I lived in a housing project in Virginia


It was called Hillwood Square and there were small houses,


joined and set one beside another


along sidewalks that extended for about a hundred yards


Along these sidewalks to the right and left


were small grass lawns and then the small rowhouses


A narrow walk went between the main sidewalk


and any particular house


Up and down the sidewalk on either side


were very large oak trees


Their trunks were 2 to 3 feet in diameter


They rose up straight for a long time


before there were any branches at all


Then they spread out


in a glorious,  thunderous foliage


They must of been 150ft tall


They were the largest living things I had ever seen


The forest had been carefully cut down around them


leaving them standing,


one beside another


up and down the long sidewalk


One day I was walking down the sidewalk


It must of been within the first 5 years of my life




This is the first memory I have in this life 


I felt the trees feeling me


The silence became very loud


and filled with the sense of 'other' living presence


We felt each other, the trees and I


I bathed in their ancient quiet regard, their community of living


I sensed my smallness and their hugeness


I felt them feeling my size as well


I felt my individuality well up like a secret,  just between us


No one else knew this thing


In just this way


I now,


also feel the immense presence of a Tree


An ancient oak of love


It towers over the paths we walk


and the things we say and feel


It is the oak of our life, of our love


It does not call out




it is present


When I become aware of it


I become aware of how small we are


I become aware of how vast is our life


I sense a great and vibrant community




This feeling is secret,  just between us


Like the rhizome of a mushroom that only shows


itself around it's fruiting edges


it is a surprise


No one else knows this thing


It is the mystery of our love

Tall Trees - Peter Malakoff

This is what it was. The tall trees have been mostly removed now and younger ones have been planted

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