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Train out of Cicero

Travel from Freight Trains to Sri Ramakrishna;
in a story of rails, hobos, snakes and sadhus . . .

This story takes us around the world; it begins in 1969 with hopping a train out of the Cicero freight yards on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois which leads to an encounter with an angry hobo; then, we travel halfway around the world to Ondia to hear a tale told by Sri Ramakrishna, the great 19th century Saint of Calcutta; a story from the Indian tradition about a snake, a sadhu and how to act in the face of aggression.


What follows are words, pictures, and a recorded narration with music and sound effects. Every page holds a separate recording. You 'click' (>) to flip to the next page and the narration and music will continue. A button at the bottom right corner of every page will allow you to pause, play or mute the recording. If you desire to listen to the whole story, without a pause between each page, you can find the embed of the complete narration and musicat the end of the book:


Music: Spann's Stomp, by Otis Spann, 1924-1970, the greatest Blues piano player of all time. Music on the final page is Bhairavi Raga

- from a live performance by: Anoushka Shankar,

Narration and true story: Peter Malakoff

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