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The Man Who Created the Taj Mahal

One evening, I was walking along Ganges River, following the stone steps of the ghats in Benaras, India, the oldest still living city in the world. There, I met a person who told me the story of the man who created the Taj Mahal.

It is a story taken out of the oral tradition of India. As far as I know, it has never been written down before.

I loved his tale with its characters, twists, turns and dilemmas of how this beautiful edifice came to be constructed. His story wove the magic of the Far East with its rich consideration of fate and the 'mystical' arts such as hand reading and astrology, into the every day simple necessity to be aware of what is going on around us, to feel what others are feeling and what happens if one does not. 

This story demonstrates the 'fantastic' abilities that one can witness especially here in India, are not complete in their wisdom. Rather, they are more like a rare view of a hidden garden from a window that looks out of a house. While wonderful, that hidden garden is not the whole world, and to know only that garden, or any particular thing, is not sufficient.

This consideration is woven into this delightful story and presents a taste of the emotional state and drama that gave rise to the Taj Mahal, when the architect who designed it, was forced to look at a bigger, more complete world

This is my third book. 
You can purchase it here or view it below:

The Man Who Created the Taj Mahal

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