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Breathe Easier - Peter Malakoff

Let us both breathe easier

Is it only from a distance


you think your beauty is ravishing?


Is that why you disdain my praising?



Or is it what anyone that approaches you






touches ?


How thin your shell of knowing


How brittle your command of presence


 How vulnerable you are inside


where all is still young and growing



Do you want to be victorious?



Is that why you approach everything


ready for a fight?



Or do you really need to be defeated?


            Where everything will grow damp and swollen


and you will fall forever





Why do you go on protecting your mummery


                                   like a wound?                                     


Does one gather threads for a garment forever?



Lets share a secret between us


I will confess it is my face in the mirror


and now we can both breathe



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