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A Hanuman Story for Ram Dass

My First Book:

A Hanuman Story for Ram Dass

I have been living and writing in the Himalayas for the last six years and I am still working on the book.

I hope to publish it as an enhanced ebook in 2018

Below is only the bare  mock up for the book from 2011

It has improved greatly since then

Several years ago I met Ram Dass at a small gathering and told him this story. He said that he had never heard parts of it before and I promised to send it to him. Here is the fulfillment of that promise. 

I had already created an Audio Version  of the same story several years ago. This book is a written version of that, with Indian Miniature Paintings and old Poster Art from India.


Presently, I am working on several other stories from the Indian Tradition. Now that I can publish my own books, I can give up the years of waiting for some publisher to take my work. Technology has finally caught up with me and I can write, print and distribute on my own. Soon, I hope to be creating my stories in eBook editions with music and video and lots of background. 


I am greatly excited about this, as I have been including audio and video on the Website version of my writing for years.


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